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Meet Dr. Marian Diamond …

     … and prepare to have fun

          … and learn about the brain.

Best Science Documentary of the Year
(and 20 other awards from around the world.)


  • One of the founders of modern neuroscience.
  • She published the first scientific analysis of the most famous brain ever, Albert Einstein.
  • Over 4.6 million views of her Anatomy Lecture series on YouTube, making her the 2nd most popular college professor in the world in 2010.
  • Enrichment, plasticity – capabilities of the brain we now take for granted – were the scientific battleground where Dr. Marian Diamond decisively challenged the old view and changed forever our paradigm for understanding the brain … and all our lives as well.  What she revealed about the brain allows us to get the most out of our brain, not just as children but for our entire lives.
  • Beloved professor and teacher, 60 year career teaching and inspiring an estimated 60,000 students


  • Eight Film Festival Awards for “Best Documentary” and “Best Film”
  • Made by six-time Emmy nominated Luna Productions
  • 57 minutes, close captioned in English, French, and Spanish
  • Study guide available, with age appropriate material  for 5th grade thru Nobel prize winner.


  • Science  – Grades 5- 12
  • Anatomy, Biology, NeuroScience – Undergraduate to PhD
  • Brain Health and Senior Aging Health
  • Community – Brain General interest, Stroke recovery,
  • Parenting and Childhood education – building better brains
  • History of science, Intro to Scientific Method, Rise and Fall of Scientific paradigms
  • Women in STEM: Lectures, Organizational Meetings, Gender studies

Mayim Bialik, narrator, My Love Affair with the BrainNARRATED BY MAYIM BIALIK     

TV-star of BIG BANG THEORY (playing Amy Fowler) and BLOSSOM (playing Blossom), she not only plays a neuroscientist on TV, but is one in real life!  She received her PhD from UCLA and even studied with Dr. Diamond’s husband, Dr. Arne Scheibel.

  • “Brilliant, buoyant, enlightening and beautiful film.”  —JOYCE CAROL OATES, Author
  • “A must see for every student, teacher, parent, community member, and higher education teacher prep program!”  —PEGGY BROOKING, President and CEO National Board for Professional Teaching Standards
  • “Marian Diamond has made major contributions to Neural Science that have stood the test of time.…. Bravo!”  —ERIC R. KANDEL,  Nobel Prize Winner
  • “If her name isn’t yet as familiar as that of Marie Curie, it will be.”  —Audience Favorite Award Commendation, Mill Valley Film Festival


SCIENCE:   Anatomy, Biology, Neuroscience, Physiology, Scientific Methods, History of Science, Women in STEM.

EDUCATION:     Teacher training and professional development, Childhood and Early childhood development, Education, On-line Education.

HEALTH:    Gerontology, Psychiatry, Stroke Recovery, Occupational Therapy, Brain Health (all ages)

MORE:     Womens Studies/Gender Studies, Community Screenings, Science Museums, Life Coaching, Girl Scouts, YMCAs

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  • “Remarkable … entertaining.”     SF Examiner
  • “A joy filled film”     San Francisco Chronicle
  • “Delightful …”  Mercury News
  • “Utterly fascinating.  Diamond is a rock star.”    Vancouver’s  Georgia Straight
  • “One of the tweedy celebrities of cyberspace”     New York Times
  • “If you haven’t seen it, move heaven and earth to find it. It’s not just that she was a great scientist, but that her passion to know more about the human brain became a key to a life exceptionally well lived.”   David Wiegand, Film Reviewer


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Best Science Documentary of the year – EMMY Award Nomination
Best Science Film of the year  – Kavli-AAAS Science Journalism Gold Award
Best Science Film(s) of the year List – SCIENCE Magazine, 2017
Best Educational Film – Pariscience Festival International du Film Scientifique
Best Documentary Awards – from 8 film festivals
Best 15 films of the year List – American Library Association Notable Films


Learn about Dr. Diamond’s groundbreaking scientific accomplishments, all the more remarkable because she began during an era when so few women entered science at all.  Meet the warm and thoroughly charming woman herself, who describes her 60+ year career researching the human brain as “pure joy.”

It is no exaggeration to say that Dr. Diamond changed science, and society at large in dramatic ways over the course of her career.  Even just watching the film has changed lives – students, teachers, children, parents, seniors, each in their own way.  It is the “Diamond Effect” – a master teacher leading viewers to a better understanding of their own brains, and a deeper engagement with learning and with life itself.

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