Have You Heard from Johannesburg: Fair Play

Connie Field, multiple academy award nominated documentary film maker, worked for over a decade as Producer-Director of this 8 hour mini-series documenting the world wide non-violent overthrow of the racist apartheid regime in South Africa.

I was one of many editors who worked on the series (Gary writing here) coming in near the end of that enormous effort to help bring the massive editorial effort towards its conclusion.  My editing and writing contributed to 4 different episodes, but my most significant contribution was in the episode Fair Play, chronicling the international sport boycott of South Africa, which featured such heros as Dennis Brutus, Nelson Mandela, and other men and women from Britain, Netherlands, New Zealand, Australia, the US, and South Africa itself.

The promo short here was not edited by me, nor would I point to this as an example of my work alone.  But it is a noble documentary series that I am proud to have participated in and contributed to.  The series has won a number of prestigious awards including Best Documentary Series from the International Documentary Association (2010), and Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Documentary Achievement (2012),  considered to be the highest Primetime honor a documentary can achieve on television.

Congrats to Connie, and our lead editor – Gregory Scharpen

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