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These DVDs here are for sale for personal, home use only.
For use in schools K-12 –  click here, for college and universities –  click here, for use in institutions and groups – click here.
Thanks for your interest in our films.


The Heiress
Her Chateau

* For home use only *

$19.99 plus S&H

The Story of Mothers & Daughters

* For home use only *

$19.99 plus S&H

Soldiers of Conscience DVD

* For home use only *

$19.99 plus S&H

The Story of Fathers & Sons DVD

* For home use only *

$19.99 plus S&H

To buy any of our other films,  please use the contact form at the bottom of the page.

If you need rush shipping, please contact us directly.
If you want to pay by check, send $27.99 (includes shipping and handling) to:
Luna Productions 1210 Masonic Ave., #3 Berkeley, CA.  94706
Or contact us directly using form below for any reason whatsoever. We love to hear from you!

Please remember:  Purchase of any of these DVDs, at this price, is for individual and home use only.
If you are a school (K-12), library, religious group, community organization, activist group, parents club, or any kind of non-profit, click here.
If you are a college, university, company, or institution, click here.

If you don’t know or want to do some other kind of public screening of any kind, contact us directly for more information at

Thank you!

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