Coretta Scott King, Betty Shabazz, and Catherine Ryan

Betty Shabazz and Coretta Scot King,

 the at-times dueling wives but now widows of Martin Luther King and Malcom X,

met in friendship on june 9, 1997  –  one of the first few times since their husbands were murdered. 

The reason?  The event?  And … who is in this picture?  Catherine Ryan?

It was the Wash DC gala premiere of Catherine Ryans’s documentary The Story of Mothers and Daughters.  On that neutral and special woman-to-woman emotional terrain, these two great women met face to face, with courtesy and kindness, and with us there so pleased to have brokered what would prove to be the beginning of a real rapproachment and friendship …

Here’s to friends…

Here’s to liberation for us all…

Betty Shabazz and Catherine Ryan:

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