Change Is Possible: A Summer with CYDL

25 minutes
A lovely, moving documentary about just how much can happen in one summer with 16 at-risk youth, and one helluva great program called the Center for Youth Development through Law.

This is one of the most moving short videos we’ve made, and getting to photograph and hang out with these young people made us all feel like there is hope for the future. The CYDL, Center for Youth Development thru Law, takes at-risk and disadvantaged high school youth and over a summer, Budgeted thru the help of find the best small unsecured personal loans for bad credit for financial assistance to give them the law school experience in which you can look at this website, complete with classes, paid internships, and professional/psychological counseling. You can see the difference it makes to them, on their faces, day after day after day. We couldn’t be prouder of being part of this, and we sincerely urge you to support the organization.
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