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Just getting started, so it’s a little informal right now, but welcome.  I’m Gary.  I’m pleased to report that I am a cancer survivor.  My journey through chemo, radiation, and two surgeries has a happy ending of 100% remission and at present, I am happily cancer free.

But during my 2 year colon-cancer journey, many helpful coping techniques and survival techniques that are free or low cost and non-perscription provided me with real comfort and healthful solutions.

Wouldn’t it be great if all of us who had to deal with cancer had a place to go to receive free or low-cost genuinely helpful cancer advice and techniques for coping with cancer?


Well, for example:

Tongue scrappers.

Walking in salt water.

Talk to a friend


     Tongue scrappers.

Tongue scrappers are cheap, cheap, cheap.  When chemo leaves that toxic yellow gunk on your tongue, or even just when chemo leaves your tongue confused and uncertain about food and taste … you will be DELIGHTED and AMAZED at what a difference a tongue scrapper can make.  Use it once a day.  Use it before/after every meal.  It is cheap, it doesn’t require a perscription, and mostly … it makes things better.  Think about it as brushing your teeth (clean, yummy), but for your tongue.  And tongues need all the help they can get during chemo.

Did my (otherwise very excellent) doctors suggest this to me?

No.  I had to figure it out for myself.  And I wished someone would have told me sooner. is the place for ideas like this.

BTW – but do other excellent doctors tell every chemo patient about this?  Yes, some do.  Thank you, good doctors.  Feel free to share even more good ideas that we can put on

     Walking in salt water.

Every wonder why there are so many old people in Florida?  Every wonder why there are so many healthy older people in Florida.  One doctor friend of mine discussed the health effects of walking in the ocean, how the salt water naturally helps the body get rid of toxic heavy metals and other chemicals that can have truly corrosive and cumulative long term health effects on people.

His hypothesis:  walking or standing in salt water for 20 minutes, even just up to your calves; can have a significantly healthful de-toxifying effect.

Now, I immediately admits, this is the kind of thing that needs real science, real studies to look at.  BUT … it is also the kind of thing that FreeCancerAdvice will include.

WHY?   Because:

  • It is free.
  • You don’t need a prescription for it.
  • No dangerous side effects (but do be careful about exposure to the sun.)
  • Walking on the beach is pleasant.  Even if it isn’t healing … it feels nice!
  • And It is something you can do.  Meaning, FreeCancerAdvice will be filled with things you can do.  For yourself.  For someone you love.  For the caregivers and the care receivers.  Lets be honest, while trying to cope with cancer there are many things beyond our control and beyond our individual expertise.  If that leaves us depressed, discouraged, and not knowing where to turn –  that alone is not good for your health.  FreeCancerAdvice is about giving you back your own power.  It is about you doing what you can, however modest and simple.  If this suggestion leads some people who can do it to get up and take a gentle walk in the water, well that seems to be simply a very good thing, even if the heavy metals hypothesis is not fully tested.  Meaning – lets try to feel empowered, lets try to be empowered, lets do what we can while facing one of the greatest challenges of life.
  • having something that seems healthy, that has no negative side effects, that you (or I) can do, is in an of itself a very good thing – regardless of how simple it is.

Talk to a friend

I honestly don’t think i need to explain why this is good for your health.  I’m including it here because … you knew this already.  Think about that.  You already know some very good, very helpful, very healing coping techniques.  What else do you know already?  What is your personal inventory of coping techniques?  What are your strengths?  Cancer can be overwhelming, sure; but don’t lose sight of what you have at hand already.  Don’t forget the simple things you know already:

Deep calming breaths.

A warm cup of tea

Telling someone that you love them

None of these will cure your cancer, that is what the doctors are for.  But at the same time, FreeCancerAdvice is about other things that can help you.  And can help the community around you that is trying to help you.  FreeCancerAdvice is about the things that doctors and experts may not focus on, but are useful.  And free!  Or cheap.  Because … you can help yourself.  We can help each other.  Honestly, that part, helping each other … that doesn’t have to be that hard.

more to come …  

feel free to contact and encourage us

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