Just email  tell us what film and what amount you want to pay.  It is a crazy time and we want to help.  If you can purchase at the normal rate, please do, and thank you.  If you can’t purchase at the normal rate … we understand, nothing is normal anymore.  … and now … the web page as it was BC  (Before Corona) …

How to stream or buy a DVD:

Step 1 –

Click on YOUR use for our documentary:

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After you click on one of the 3 options-for-use above, you follow the prompts, click on the film you want, how many, etc.

Should be easy!   And we are glad to help if it isn’t.  Just contact us.

To buy our other titles, or if you have any questions, please use the contact form at the bottom of this page.

Why all the different versions?

  • You might not know it, but when you buy a DVD, you are only buying the right to use that DVD in a specific way.  Just because you have bought a DVD, it doesn’t mean you have the legal permission, for example, to show it in a movie theater and charge admission to other people.
  • “Home use” is what most people need, the right to watch at home by yourself or with friends and family, or to give to someone else as a present.  Home use does not include the right to show to the general public or to show it at a a school.
  • “School and Organizational use” is for K-12 schools, public libraries and all manner of organizations  – such as community groups, religious groups, political groups, almost every kind of non-profit organization.
  • “College and University”  also known as “Instiutional use” is for use in the bigger institutions, such as colleges and universities.
  • None of these allow you to legally charge admission.  The right to charge admission is an entirely different matter, and you can contact us directly for that.
  • Is this fair?  Well, we think it is.  Making films is very expensive and we rely on sales to you to recover the enormous costs of making each of our films.  If you are just one person, it isn’t fair to ask you to pay a large amount.  So we keep the Home use price low.  On the other hand, if you are a large institution, we hope you have access to resources from all the people you are going to show the DVD to, and so can reasonably afford to pay more.
  • What if you have limited resources and still want to get some public use rights?  Well, please feel welcome to contact us.  We made these films to be seen and to help people.  Lets see if we can help.

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