Ballet Russes

Gary is proud to have been a major contributor in the editing of this wonderful documentary about a ballet troupe that was, for over 40 years, the most glamourous ballet troupe in the world.

Here is the official site for the documentary.

Gary was one of the 4 co-editors and co-writers.

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“… it is like a graduate course in documentary film editing.”

Jon Caroll, SF Chronicle

“…the dance film of the decade.”

– Dana Gioia, Chairman, National Endowment for the Arts

“A captivating film that truly elevates the spirit …”


“… an electrifying documentary that lovingly and authoritatively brings to life an era of unequalled artistic excitement. This movie is not pedagogy aimed only at ballet buffs. It’s spun out like a historical thriller, laying bare the politics, rivalries, tremendous egos and creative appetites that ultimately produced two warring troupes devoted to their art with truly fanatical passion.”

– Sarah Kaufman, WASHINGTON POST

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“A documentary of absolutely breathtaking sweep and joyous energy. It’s all amazing, every bit of it.”


“MARVELOUS! It’s a profoundly optimistic and delightful movie, for balletomanes and neophytes alike. It made me happy for days afterward.”

– Andrew O’Hehir, SALON.COM

“Even if you don’t know anything about ballet, this amazing documentary will leave you walking on air.”


“BALLETS RUSSES, a classical, elegiac film … The archival footage is so breathtaking, the reminiscences so piquant, that even a stranger to dance can’t help but be swept up by this peek into such exquisite, now vanished glamour.”


“Let it be said right out loud that BALLETS RUSSES, a film that just opened at the Film Forum in Manhattan and will be playing around the country, is a scrumptious chocolate layer cake of a documentary.”

– John Rockwell, NEW YORK TIMES

“The filmmakers, who spent years gathering rare clips and artifacts, triumphantly demonstrate the almost magical power of archival documentary. Dance is, axiomatically, the most ephemeral of art forms, expiring the moment it comes into being. But here it achieves at least a virtual immortality, as the remarkable accomplishments of dancers, choreographers, and costume and set designers come alive, briefly and sometimes blurrily, on the screen.But the real life force pulsing through “Ballets Russes” – what makes it a delight even for a dance philistine like this critic – belongs to the veterans of the two companies.”


“Much more than a specialty item for dance afficianados…an ebullient odyssey from Russia to Australia to whistle-stop America, populated by a cast of charismatic, eternally young-at-heart ballet vets…. Conveys a wonderful sense of the symbiosis between the life of a dance company and the lives of its dancers…. Enormously absorbing…. Scrupulously researched…. Elegant and touching.”

– Scott Foundas, VARIETY

“A sensational, essential documentary!” –


“Breathes life into ballet history!”

-Moira Macdonald, THE SEATTLE TIMES

“Somewhere between Proust and Buena Vista Social Club…. These senescent ballerinas and ballerinos achieve a poignant ecstasy as they recall the exploits of their youth.”

-Andrew Solomon, ARTFORUM

“BALLETS RUSSES won high marks with terrific archive footage of the brilliant, queer-heavy ballet troupe that changed both classical dance and its audience at the dawn of the 20th century.”

-Anne Stockwell, THE ADVOCATE

“Deeply affectionate. Remarkable period footage. When the surviving dancers reunite in New Orleans in 2000, they’re close to a century old–yet they’re still vibrant and vivid. BALLETS RUSSES is a worthy testament to their endurance.”


“Even viewers who would rate their interest in and knowledge of ballet somewhere between little and nil should be enthralled by this history of the Ballets Russes… “

-Jason Anderson, EYE WEEKLY

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