Slo Mo video Portraits – INSTRUCTIONS TO SUBMIT

Hi, Thanks for your interest / participation in the

SloMo self-portrait project

(in support of Berkeley Public Schools Fund)

Selected videos to be shown May 8 at noon at this event.

AND …  to see EXAMPLES of other SloMo portraits click here

Instructions to submit your video :

  1. set up phone for Slo-Mo Video
  2. Hold the phone landscape (sideways),
  3. Stretch your arm out as far as it will go, point the lens of the phone at your face and look into the lens of the phone.
  4. start the video, count to 3 (to let the slo mo begin in the phone)
  5. Spin around twice, fast enough so you are almost dizzy.
  6. count to 3, stop the video
  7. Playback – look at it – maybe redo it, based on:  is it interesting or dull?  awesome or awkward?  did you miss your head entirely?  how could it be better?  or different?  do you have an even better idea?  Redo. Redo. Redo.  For best result, redo 10 times and send the best 3!
  8. Get parent or guardian permission.
  9. email to with students name, grade, and adult permission (can be simple, write in the email: “OK with ___, ___ (name & who-that-is, example: Bette, my Mom)

this will be used by the Berkeley Public Schools Fund only … in support of you -the students, families, and school district of Berkeley.

thank you

and thank you Valerie Gutwirth, Arts Educator, BUSD for very first video example.

selected videos to be shown May 8 at noon as part of

more info about the Schools Fund

sincerely yours,
film maker working pro bono for Berkeley Public Schools fund

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