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Please note that credits with * are shared credits.

     MAJOR CREDITS (selected titles)

EDITOR* / Consultant Producer
3 Seconds in October: The Shooting of Andy Lopez
An in-depth exploration of the controversial shooting of a 113-year-old Nation Andy Lopez by a Sonoma County deputy sheriff, the cover up ad police investigation that followed, and the community’s efforts for historic reform of the sheriff’s office.  PBS, 2022
           EMMY AWARD winner,  Societal Concerns,  SF/NorCal Region

My Love Affair with the Brain:  The Life and Science of Dr. Marian Diamond
Meet Dr. Diamond – and prepare to be smitten.  Inspirational scientific role model, 2nd most popular college professor in the world, YouTube celebrity, pioneering researcher, one of the founders of modern neuroscience;  justly celebrated for her research on Einstein’s brain, her research resulting in two paradigm changing scientific revolutions (plasticity in the brain, and glial cell significance), and passion and excellence in teaching.  PBS, 2017
•      EMMY NOMINATION,  National News and Documentary Emmy awards
•      WINNER of 8 “Best Documentary” and “Audience Choice” Awards at film festivals.

The Heiress and Her Chateau: Chateau Carolands of California
The true story of an American Downton Abbey, 98-year history of a 98-room architectural masterpiece.  PBS (via NETA), 2014
•      EMMY AWARD NOMINATION, Best Documentary, SF/NorCal Region.
•      EMMY AWARD NOMINATION, Best Writing, SF/NorCal Region.
•      Four “Best Documentary” Awards at film festivals.

Soldiers of Conscience
US soldiers in Iraq face the greatest moral dilemma of them all – to kill or not to kill – and the stories of some who decide not to.  PBS, POV series 2008.
•      EMMY AWARD NOMINATION, National News and Information Emmys
•      WINNER, five “Best Documentary” Awards at film festivals 

The Double Life of Ernesto Gómez-Gómez
a film that resulted in freeing 12 political prisoners after serving 19 years in prison, PBS, POV series, season closer 1999.
•      Directors Guild of America NOMINEE, Outstanding Achievement in Documentary Directing
•     WINNER, five “Best Documentary” Awards at film festivals 

Loyalty & Betrayal:    The Story of the American Mob
A familiar story told once again, but with my own style and spin.  I was responsible for Episode 1, 1900-1950’s organized crime, the Italian-Jewish-Bootlegging to Early Las Vegas era,  the first two hours of a four-hour documentary mini-series for Fox.  1994.
•      EMMY AWARD winner, National News and Information Emmys

Earth and the American Dream
feature-length documentary on the environment,  produced and directed by Bill Couturié, HBO, 1992.
•      EMMY AWARD winner, National Primetime Emmys
•      Sundance Film Festival, Special Jury Award for excellence in editing.

Memorial: Letters from American Soldiers
a short documentary about U.S. wars from WW1 to the Gulf, produced and directed by Bill Couturié , 1991.
•      ACADEMY AWARD NOMINATION for Short Documentary

SuperChief:  The Life and Legacy of Earl Warren
a bio-doc of US Supreme Court Chief Justice Earl Warren.   Directed by Bill Jersey & Judith Leonard.  PBS, 1989.
•      ACADEMY AWARD NOMINATION for Best Documentary

The Story of Fathers & Sons  and  The Story of Mothers & Daughters ABC, 1997, 1999
These two primetime network programs for ABC were later also broadcast as PBS pledge-specials.  Both were profoundly well-received documentaries (see the reviews!)  Each was the result of a unique 3 way partnership of corporate sponsors, an indie production company (us), and ABC.  For Mothers and Daughters we pre-interviewed over 400 women and girls, for Fathers and Sons we pre-interviewed over 600 men and boys.  Both told a universal yet incredibly diverse story, organized around the cycle of life, from cradle to grave.  We still get emails regularly about how much this film has meant to viewers.  Mothers and Daughters on ABC was the highest rated program on a Monday night that year, as well as the largest ratings jump in viewership during a program that they have ever measured.

PRODUCER / DIRECTOR / EDITOR / CAMERA                Teaching Channel, 2011-present
content provider to website Teaching Channel,  producing over 140 short videos featuring 70 teachers and part of a 20 hour, 2 year PBS series.  The Teaching Channel was originally a Gates Foundation funded intiative to improve teaching in the USA, via a professional development videos on the web, VOD, and PBS broadcast.

PRODUCER/ DIRECTOR / EDITOR / CAMERA                Luna Productions, Media For Non-Profit Series, 2003-present
dozens of documentaries of various lengths in support of organizations including The San Francisco Foundation, The Women’s Fdn of Ca., Bay Area Black United Fund, 7th Generation Fund, Liberty Hill Fdn,  and Asian Pacific Fund.

     Additional Credits (selected titles)

PRODUCER* / DIRECTOR* / EDITOR / CAMERA            Civic Unity: Five Years in the West End of Alameda,
A portrait of ten local activists over 5 years and what they did with $300,ooo from the SF Foundation to spend however they wanted in their gentrifying community. 2002-2008
DIRECTOR                                            America’s Most Haunted: Ghosts of San Francisco, Travel Channel, 2002
The first, and probably the only real documentary ever broadcast on the WB Network. 2000
DIRECTOR / EDITOR*                                   The Great Sky Elephant Narrated by Laurence Olivier  PBS,  1986
DIRECTOR / EDITOR*                                   The Elephant Flies,          Narrated by Laurence Olivier  PBS,  1986
PROD. / DIR. / EDITOR                                Celebrating the 7th activist video about Nicaragua, 1986
PROD. / DIR. / EDITOR                                $20.01:  A Chinese Food Odyssey an award winning short, 1980
EDITOR*                                                                 A Fierce Green Fire, Sundance film festival selection 2012 and intended multi-part series for PBS about the history of environmental activism.
EDITOR*, Consulting Producer                        Have You Heard From Johannesberg, PBS 2011, multi-part Emmy and IDA Award winning series on the non-violent, world wide campaign of activisim that resulted in the overthrow of apartheid in South Africa.
EDITOR*                                                                  Ballets Russes,
Award-winning feature doc, the  49th most financially successful documentary  of all time (per Variety,2007)
EDIT  DOCTOR                                                   And the Band Played On,
HBO dramatic feature film, 1993.  Official credit: “Additional Editor.”  The completed film won Best Editing at American Cinema Editors Awards, and an Emmy for the same.
EDITOR*                                                                Dear America:   Letters Home From Vietnam,
double Emmy winning documentary on the Vietnam War, produced and directed by Bill Couturie . HBO, 1987.

WRITER                                                                 Butt Thong,  screenplay, optioned at Universal, 1991.
WRITER                                                                 Ishi: The Last Wild Indian,  screenplay.  1st place winner, Bay Guardian Script-writing Competition,  1988; Writer’s Guild Foundation Fellowship Semi-Finalist. 1988.

ASSOCIATE PRODUCER                               Maria’s Story,     a heroic woman & war in El Salvador, PBS, 1990
ASSOCIATE PRODUCER                               Dateline: San Salvador,       elections in El Salvador, 1986
SOUND EDITOR                                              Godfather III,    directed by Francis Coppola, Paramount, 1990
SOUND EDITOR                                              Hot Spot,             Skywalker Sound, directed by Dennis Hopper , 1990
SOUND EDITOR                                              Colors,                 Skywalker Sound , directed by Dennis Hopper, 1987
SOUND EDITOR                                              Nightmare on Elm Street III,           independent feature, 1987
SOUND EDITOR                                              Hot Pursuit,                                          Paramount Pictures, 1987
SOUND EDITOR                                              Campus Man,                                      Paramount Pictures, 1987
SOUND EDITOR                                              Wild Rose,    produced by Sandra Schulberg, New Front Films, 1983
SOUND EDITOR                                              The Black Stallion Returns,              United Artists, 1982

SERIES EDITOR / Consultant                      Asian America, USA,     3 half hour episodes, NAATA , PBS, 2003
EDITOR*                                                            Brother Outsider: The Life of Bayard Rustin,                   ITVS, 2003
EDITOR                                                              I Dream of a Community,     The San Francisco Foundation, 2002
SEGMENT EDITOR                                         Frontline World ,                     pilot for the TV series, 2002
EDITOR                                                              Modern Meat                              Frontline, PBS, 2002
EDITOR*                                                            Store Wars: When Walmart Comes to Town ,               PBS , 2001
EDITOR                                                              A Bridge of Books: The National Yiddish Book Center,   2001
EDITOR                                                              Jewish film Festival Theatrical Trailer,               2000, 2001
SEGMENT EDITOR / CAMERA         ,                                 music variety ,USA cable, 2000
EDITOR*                                                            Thin Green Line, Eco-activism , Outdoor Life Network , 2000
EDITOR* / WRITER*                                     End of a Legend,   scientific murder mystery, Tsar of Russia, 1995
EDITOR                                                              San Francisco Sound,                  Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, 1994
EDITOR                                                              Terminal USA,           a TV movie, Funded by ITVS for PBS, 1993
EDITOR*                                                            Gone Too Soon,                Michael Jackson music video, 1991
EDITOR                                                              Why Don’t You Dance,   drama from R.Carver short story, 1991
EDITOR                                                              Martin Scorsese’s Favorite Films,          pilot for the series, 1991
EDITOR                                                              Visionary San Francisco,     S.F. Museum of Modern Art, 1990
EDITOR / WRITER*                                       The Road to Brown,           civil rights legal history, PBS, 1990
EDITOR                                                              Here’s My Hand,              bio for Hubert Humphrey Museum, 1990
EDITOR / WRITER*                                       Chicano Park,           Barrio Logan and Chicano exper., PBS, 1988
EDITOR                                                              Destination: San Francisco,          hi-tech video travel guide, 1988
EDITOR                                                              Yugo Goes Network,                                                    corporate, 1986
EDITOR                                                              Ford’s –  The Story of a Theater,                docu-drama, PBS, 1984
EDITOR                                                              Tale of Two Sphinxes,                             ballooning in Egypt, 1984
EDITOR                                                              A New Beginning,     USC Trojans,  Video Sports Network, 1984
EDITOR*                                                            In the Name of Democracy,   elections in El Salvador. PBS, 1983
EDITOR*                                                            Songs From a Distant Jungle,   music of Papua New Guinea, 1982
SEGMENT EDITOR                                         The New You Asked For It ,                   pilot for the TV series, 1980

ADDITIONAL EXPERIENCE:        includes PUBLISHED WRITINGS (short-stories, travel columns & film criticism); feature film 1st A.D.; ON-LINE Editor; film LAB TECHNICIAN; Radio DJ; Investigative News CAMERAMAN and RESEARCHER;  and a BA with honors in Communications/Visual Arts, University of California, San Diego, 1980.

LANGUAGES:    English and passable Spanish


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