Pitch reel for “The Story of Mothers and Daughters”

For the five years before it was the break-out hit among primetime ABC TV documentaries of it’s year, “The Story of Mothers and Daughters” was just an idea we had here at Luna Productions. At the time we called it “Hard Labor: the story of mothers and daughters” (and sure am glad we changed the title.)
But key moment that helped bring the film to life was when a Vice President at Kodak said they were potentially interested in being a sponsor, did we have a pitch reel? (Actually, this was so long ago that what she literally said was, “did we have a slide show”)   It could be presented the following week at a decision-makers meeting.
Well, we didn’t.
But that didn’t stop us. We had a book publishing partner that offered us their expertise and their photo library. (This was before the internet, so such an offer made all the difference.) We jumped into action. Gary literally worked around the clock editing for most of 3 days and it was ready in time. We attended the meeting by phone and listened as the video played and then sat in pins and needles for the LONGEST time after and the room at the other end was silent.
Then we heard some discreet sniffling sounds.
Then a voice: “Excuse us while we sit in silence and collect ourselves. I have to go to the next room and bring back some tissues.  There isn’t a dry eye in the room here.”
Later, our ally the vice president said that she had been serving on this committee for over a decade and without a doubt had seen over 10,000 slide shows and pitch reels. She said this was the best she had ever seen … and Kodak became our first sponsor and first money in on our million dollar journey to making a truly pro-woman, truly ethnically diverse, and truly authentic non-celebrity-based network documentary

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