The Mother Daughter Cantos (a musical sample of work-in-progress)

18 songs.
18 stories.
18 different relationships.
18 important moments in the lifelong mother-daughter journey.

A musical revue.

Based on 400 interviews with women and girls about their mother-daughter relationships (first conducted for the television documentary “The Story of Mothers and Daughters”) … and now a musical for the stage.

Every song a story.
Every song a life-story.
Every song a true story.

  • This video is a rough and incomplete assembly of the musical containing demo songs, work-in-progress songs, and place-holder songs. View this video as a request for feedback from YOU.
  • This video is what we call a proof of concept.   It is a sample that suggests what the currently-in-development musical-for-the-stage might become with more effort.
  • The visuals are UNIMPORTANT.  To be sure, you get to see a little piece of the real women and girls whose stories these are.  But beyond that, they are  placeholders, taken from the documentary film that inspired this musical, and NOT trying to suggest the visual nature of the future musical.
  • This video is all about listening to the music. You are invited to close your eyes or look away from the screen if you like. You will miss nothing of importance.
  • Mainly, this video is to allow you to dream along with us – to imagine what a musical exploring the mother daughter relationship can be; a musical inspired by the real stories of the over 400 women and girls who we interviewed for our award-winning, primetime network television documentary of many years ago, “The Story of Mothers & Daughters.”

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FILE: v1.5.3

  • Listen to them all together in the video clip above.
  • Or you can review some of the songs individually via the links below

(via video link)
– a simple song, Canto 1: Birth


Two People
– a delicate, small song,
Canto 2: Growing Up


Just a Tomboy
– an emotionally complex song, disappointment and failed connection for growing daughter,
Canto 3: Separation


Coffee with Mama
– a happy song,
Canto 4: Woman to Woman


– the saddest song, daughter at mother’s deathbed,
Canto 5: Death and Birth (again)
video link:


Link by Link (aka Simply Love)  (v2.1.4)
-closing song, from dark to light,
Canto 5 Death and Birth (again)

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