Mothers and Daughters: “Critics Praise” Trailer

A promotional trailer from the award winning documentary, The Story of Mothers and Daughters, as seen on ABC and PBS.

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a filmic journey revealing a foundation stone of female experience, more fundamental than tribe or nation, nothing could be more important or precious …

“A miraculous, perfect little film.”                       
                  New York Daily News
“Poignant and often painful … brutally honest.”                  
                  US News & World Report
“Brims with insights, emotion and honest tears”                   
                  LA Times
“ … memorable…”                   
                  People Magazine
“A delight to share”                   
                  Womens Day
“Woman or girl, man or boy, you won’t walk away unchanged by this hour” 
                  Albany Times Union
“Well-made… forthcoming and honest…from childbirth to death, each story is touching”
                    Variety Magazine
“Skillfully produced and directed… one whose images and impact stay with you.”
                  San Diego Union-Tribune
“Marvelously photographed pastiche of feelings and confessions.”
                  NY Post
“A superbly crafted production worthy of big screen play.”
                  Richmond Times-Dispatch

Mothers and Daughters is a documentary about what is the most important bond of them all, the mother-daughter relationship, drawn from interviews with over 400 women and girls, featuring the 40 best stories and real-life episodes in the mother-daughter relationship, a profoundly moving journey from cradle to grave, broadcast on ABC and PBS and described by Oprah as “a perfect gift.”

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