Chicano Park

Produced and directed by Marilyn Mulford, with great dedication and commitment, over 10 years of work.

Editor and co-writer –  Gary Weimberg

i was either the 10th or 13th editor, but in any event, the last one, and we finished her fine film together in 1988.

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about Marilyn Mulford, producer-director of the documentary

From 1985-1989 she co-produced and directed the award-winning Chicano Park, a feature documentary on a Mexican-American community in San Diego, California, that used murals to describe its history and help residents mobilize to save the community. The film was funded in part by a production grant from CCH. It won a Gold Award at the Houston International Film Festival, a Gold Award at Chicago International Film Festival, a CINE Golden Eagle, “Best of California” at the National Educational Film Festival, and Honorable Mention at the San Francisco Film Festival. It aired on national PBS, and on national cable.

more about the film:
Documentary, 1988, 58 minutes
Director: Marilyn Mulford
Producers: Mario Barrera & Marilyn Mulford
Editor: Gary Weimberg
Cinematographers: Lalo Obregón & John Douglas
Associate Producers: John Douglas, Helene Lorenz, Ramon Sanchez, Josie Talamantes & Salvador Torres

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