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June 2006,

After over two years of production, Three Women and a Chateau had its world premiere at the Santa Barbara International Film Festival, Feb 9 and Feb 12, 2006. Demand for seats made the festival add a 3rd screening and still over 300 had to be turned away.

Since then, the film has shown at the Newport Beach Film Fest., Palm Beach Film Fest., and Waterfront Film Fest of Saugatuck, MI. We even had a special screening at the Orange County Museum of Art. The story of the Heiress, the Countess, the Doctor, and a 100-year love affair with a 100-room mansion is finding its way into the world.

DVD sales and television broadcast? To be determined – stay tuned!

Meanwhile, Ballets Russes continues its amazing success, over $800,000 in box office tickets sold. (Too bad I’m not entitled to any of that.)

August 2006,

Great news! Three Women and a Chateau won the Grand Jury Prize for Best Documentary at the Rhode Island International Film Festival! Click here to read the sparkling review from the Newport Mercury.

We’re also excited to announce that the film will screen at the San Diego Film Festival in late September. We will also have our Bay Area premiere at the Mill Valley Film Festival in October!

More details to follow soon…

September 2006,

What exciting times!  Three Women and a Chateau is shown at three California film festivals in the coming weeks!  Here’s a list.  We plan on attending the screenings in San Diego and Mill Valley.
See you at the movies!

San Diego Film Festival
6:00 pm – Thursday, September 28, 2006
Ticket info:

Mill Valley Film Festival
2:30 pm – Saturday, October 7, 2006
6:30 pm – Sunday, October 15, 2006
Ticket info:

Ojai Film Festival

12:30 pm – Friday, October 13, 2006
10:00 am – Sunday, October 15, 2006
Ticket info:

October 2006

The Carolands mansion and Three Women and a Chateau are in the news again! The December ’06 issue of Architectural Digest and the October ’06 issue of Gentry both include articles on this amazing estate – and both mention the film! Check your local newsstand or bookstore to pick up a copy.

Do YOU live in a breathtaking house with a fascinating story? You and your home could be the subject for our next film. Get in touch with us about filming an “architectural biography” about your home!

Soldiers of Conscience receives official sign off from the US Army on October 16, 2006! To their great credit, the US army did not shy away from our request to make a film about the moral questions of killing in times of war. Not only did we get permission to film with officers and soldiers at functioning military installations across the US, but when we submitted a rough cut of the film for review and response (as required by our assistance agreement), the official answer: “… a thought provoking film.” All along, the Army never requested review of content or politics, but asked simply to ensure the safety of our soldiers by reviewing the work before distribution. Bravo to them (and us)!

November 2006

Soldiers of Conscience begins the important (but not final) on-line edit.  So, even though not done with the film, we now have a stunning HD picture – as beautiful as any 35mm film print. For the rest of 2006 – sound editing and music composition to finish the film in January 2007 if the funding comes through  -. Stay tuned for more details!

November / December 2006,

Three Women and a Chateau
continues its successful film festival run with screenings in Santa Fe and Palm Springs. We plan to attend screenings at both festivals – be sure to say hi if you’re in attendance!

Santa Fe Film Festival

7:15 pm – Thursday, December 7, 2006
12:00 pm – Sunday, December 10, 2006
Ticket info:

Palm Springs Film Festival
4:45 pm – Friday, January 12, 2007
12:30 pm – Sunday, January 14, 2007
Ticket info:

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