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Jan 22, 2007, Luna Productions

Symphony for Soldiers … Today we recorded the music for SOLDIERS OF CONSCIENCE. 16 piece string section, 4 horns. Original music composed and arranged by Todd Boekelheide, our Emmy and Academy Award winning friend and longtime collaborator. Just when we thought the film couldn’t get any better, then comes this. Wait until you hear it …

Feb/March 2007

THREE WOMEN AND A CHATEAU goes to the Everett Women’s Film Festival, invited by festival programing friends there who loved THE STORY OF MOTHERS & DAUGHTERS so much.

To prepare (and relax) Gary and Cathy go to Kauai for some well-deserved R & R.Gary Weimberg, Catherine Ryan, documentary film makers, Luna Productions

April 22, 2007 – SOLDIERS OF CONSCIENCE world premeire at Atlanta Film Fest, reviewed as one of top five films in festival.

Still not totally finished, but too important to wait, the film begins its film festival release.   See the website for list and reviews.
April/May  – Scattered reports of MOTHERS & DAUGHTERS showings in this 3rd and final year of the PBS deal.  But, with PBS awkward carriage reports, we’ll never really know where and when folks have seen it. Happily, we still get waves of emails after broadcasts.  10 years after the ABC premiere, we are still getting testimonials about what this film means to people
THREE WOMEN continues to conquer hearts, screened at  12 film festivals now, most recently the Sonoma Wine Co Film fest, sold out houses at both evening and morning showings.


Upcoming –

Soldiers of Conscience, Gary Weimberg, SIFF, Seattle International FIlm festival, line around the block!

SIFF, line round the block!

Nov 2 – 8  Screening in Seattle at the SIFF
(Seattle International Film Festival) theater in Mccaw Hall, Seattle Center for a ONE WEEK ONLY run Nov 2-8
Oct 24th          Screening at United Nations Association Film Festival, Palo Alto CA
Soldiers of Conscience - lining up for tickets, Nantucket Film Festival
Oct 17 – 21      Hamptons Film Festival (exact screening tbd)
Oct 5, 8:30 pm and Oct 7, 11 am
Mill Valley Film festival screenings
Sept 29, noon and Sept 30, 5pm
San Diego film festival screenings
Previously screened at 13 other film festivals, including winning BEST DOCUMENTARY at the Rhode Island International Film Festival.
Be sure to check out the film’s website at

Gary Weimberg, Catherine Ryan, documentary film makers, Luna Productions

Soldiers of Conscience – Mill Valley Film Festival, Gary and Cathy outside theater

Put on by students, SOC screens with panel discussion after

Catherine Ryan, Soldiers of Conscience, speaks at panel of Women’s filmmakers, San Diego Internation Film Festival, Women’s Filmmaker Panel

Gary Weimberg, Catherine Ryan, documentary film makers, Luna Productions

Soldiers of Conscience screening – Mill Valley Film Festival, Gary and Cathy and Stan answer questions from the audience

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