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April/May 2010

Lots going on, for example in just one week of Soldiers of Conscience, two screenings in Wash DC, one at the GI Film Festival, (described by one participant as “the most controversial film we’ve ever shown”) and also at an event for the Center on Conscience and War.  Same week, on the west coast, screened by the ever-active Courage to Resist organization.  Then, six excerpts from the film featured and profiled on-line in AMERICA: The National Catholic Weekly, inspiring a series of faith based posts and blogs about the film.

Production continues on our very worthwhile short doc in support of BAWCC, the Bay Area Women’s and Children’s Center, who is about to celebrate 30 years of work in the Tenderloin district of San Francisco.

Regarding documentary projects that Gary has been part of the editing Have You Heard From Johannesburg,  the 10 years in the making, multi-part documentary series on the world-wide non-violent grassroots campaign that resulted in the overthrow of Apartheid in South Africa, directed and produced by Connie Field, had it’s world premiere at the Film Forum in NYC.  Also,another doc that Gary has been co-editing, was shown at the Computer History Museum as an invitation-only, Work-In-Progress screening.  A veritable who’s who of Silicon Valley showed up to watch “More Than Money” (working title) the untold story of the incredible, improbable, and highly profitable origin of Venture Capital, the creation of Silicon Valley, and the beginning of the digital era, as told by the founding/funding fathers of Intel, Atari, Apple, Cisco, Genentech, Fairchild Semiconductor, and others.

Gary Weimberg

Gary Weimberg, documentary film maker

March, 2010

Soldiers of Conscience, Truth Commission on Conscience in War, Riverside Church, New York

Soldiers of Conscience screened and was featured at the Truth Commission on Conscience in War, a national gathering of community and religious leaders, advocacy groups, veterans, journalists, counselors,  and artists; held in the historic Riverside Church of New York where past speakers at the pulpit have included Martin Luther King voicing opposition to the Vietnam War and Nelson Mandela on his first visit to the USA after being released from prison.

Why hold Truth Commission on Conscience in War?  Read more at the
Truth Commission website:

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