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My Love Affair with the Brain

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13 Responses to “Buy a personal use DVD of “My Love Affair with the Brain””


  1. http://Jennifer%20Nichols,%20DMH says

    Dear Dr. Diamond and the makers of My Love Affair with the Brain,

    Thank you for this wonderful film, I have only seen the trailer, but am eager to experience the rest, on PBS or wherever I can, in the future. I had the great honor of studying the brain in Dr. Diamond’s pre-med brain anatomy and dissection class, sometime between 1976 and 1978 when I was in the graduate Doctor of Mental Health (DMH) Program at UC Berkeley in the then very young Health and Medical Sciences Department.

    Dr. Diamond’s excitement about learning more about the brain was infectious and inspiring. She helped lifelong interest in the science underpinning our daily lives blossom for many if not all of her students, and for me, especially in my working life as a psychotherapist. What an incredible time to be alive and interested in the human brain, with Dr. Diamond and other truly inquisitive, innovative scientists studying and making such huge discoveries—one after the other—about the very nature of our brains, minds, selves, health. Thank you, Dr. Diamond, and all of you who are recording her on film for others, for her indomitable spirit and excitement to bring others into her delight in learning more who we are at our amazing physical, emotional, mental core.

    • Jennifer –
      so glad to hear this from you. Will forward onto Dr. Diamond. What an honor to be connecting with some of the over 60,000 students that she taught face-to-face over all her years as an Anatomy and NeuroAnatomy professor. I’m sure you will enjoy the documentary. thanks for writing

    • Thanks you Jennifer for this kind comment. I hope you saw the program on your local PBS station, and if not, tell them to broadcast it (or to broadcast it again!)

  2. http://J.J.%20Beck says

    With an annual net monthly income of less than $1000 there is NO way I can buy this DVD…unfortunately I surfed into the last 20 minutes of this program…I’d love to share it with my grandson (a high school senior who asked for a current COMPLETE neurological textbook for his 16th birthday…he’s a computer geek who hope to become a doctor specializing in diagnosing and defining neurological conditions and therapies) . Is there any way of scholarshiping a purchase for me. He has her kind of curious and inquisitive brain!!!

  3. Dear Luna P,
    Just finished watching ” I love brains” ( my text-shorthand).
    Approx 15-20 min into the show i found myself in love w/her.
    Really, no bull. And i imagine so does everyone elso on this spaceship. I tip my hat to all involved in this wondrous endeavor.i shared tears of joy person at ending ( apology for no name.
    endeavor endeavor

  4. http://Laura says

    At the end of the film shown on PBS, Dr. Brown said a quote and I was looking for it. It was before the film ended. Can you share the quote again? It was very touching. And I would like to hear it again.

    • Laura – perhaps you mean Dr. Diamond’s quote, “Never learn bitterness, because you are the only one who suffers.”

  5. http://Alice%20deLancy says

    Wow! What a fascinating documentary!!!
    Is the documentary for personal use the very same
    DVD as the educational ones (except for the
    Alice deLancy

  6. Hello,

    I help run a relatively new non-profit that helps Seniors create brain healthy lifestyle changes in fun ways. Is there any way our 501(3)(c) non-profit could acquire this DVD at a discount so that we can show it in our Brain Health programs? We have about 10 with average participation of 8 people – ranging from 4 to 17 people in attendance. Thanks!

    • Yes Charles! We have a sliding scale so people who need discounts get them. i will email you directly about this. Others should email to get the details. Sorry for slow response, we don’t monitor comments for questions. in future, email us directly or use CONTACT us page and form.

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