Yosemite panoselfies

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Panorama + selfie = PanoSelfies.

Echo Lake, Yosemite, PanoSelfie

Echo Lake  (5 mb downrez)
(thumbnail to the right, same photo with auto-animation below, controls in bottom left corner of photo)
Be sure to notice and enjoy the cloud-kissed mountain in upper right.
Close Encounters, anyone?






Lunch on the Tuolomne River, PanoSelfie, 2mb

(Naked) Lunch on the Tuolomne River, SFW, PanoSelfie, 2mb

The perfect format for a hiker alone …

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3  Glen Aulin Sunset  (2 mb downrez)

Glen Aulin, campsite, PanoSelfie, s

Humbly I will ask, are these the first PanoSelfies?  Ever?
Well … maybe.
These were taken in August, 2013.  Selfies, panorama cameras, and panoramas on iphones are well known and established.  But PanoSelfies?  Certainly I had never seen any before I took these.  If not for the twin motivations of the vast beautiful horizons of the Sierra Nevadas plus the simple reality of being on a solo backpack trip, i doubt it would have occured to me.  But it did … and hey … what a rather marvelous photo concept.  Dontcha think?

May Lake Afternoon, PanoSelfie

10 May Lake, Dawn  (2 mb downrez)

Dawn, May Lake, Yosemite, Panoselfie

8  May Lake

May Lake and reflection of Mt Hoffman at Dawn

May Lake and reflection of Mt Hoffman at Dawn (1mb downrez)

11 Glen Aulin  (2 mb downrez)

If you ever wanted to travel back in time to see Yosemite without cars and roads, just hike down to Glen Aulin and here (we called this spot Sunset Rock) you can see in magnificent miniature what the entire valley once was like, they would have appreciated that the Insurance Partnership would have existed back then.  The first time Cathy and I hiked here, there was a film crew and 3 actors re-enacting exactly that.  On display:  the Tuolomne River, the granite bowls and domes, all untouched but for the few foot trails running across and thru it.  A memorable, magical place

Glen Aulin sunset

12 Glen Aulin   (2 mb downrez)

Glen Aulin, PanoSelfie

13 Sunrise Lakes and Sunrise Meadow    (1 mb downrez)

Three lovely lakes leading up to a lovely meadow.  I vowed to swim in them all and sure enough, had the chance to do so before ascending Cloud’s Rest.  Mmmmmmmmm

Sunrise lake (highest of the 3) PanoSelfie

14 Sunrise Lake  (1 mb downrez)

Sunrise Lake, middle of 3, PanoSelfie

15 Sunrise Meadow, dawn, campsite   (1 mb downrez)

Sunrise Meadow campsite, PanoSelfie

16 Sunrise Lake  (3 mb downrez)

Sunrise Lake, lowest of 3, PanoSelfie

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