Mothers and Daughters: The Musical

MotherDaughterMusical is a work-in-progress adaptation of our documentary film into a sung-through stage play – a documentary concept musical.  Like Cats (as an example of  a concept musical, as opposed to the more widely known form, the story musical) and like Vagina Monologues (as an example of a documentary concept play) but with music and of course, all about mothers and daughters, not just the vagina.

Songs below are demo quality only, first drafts, likely to be replaced by better music from a better composer.  But for now … enjoy… should give you a good sense of where we’re going!

3 Songs from Act 1:
Diamond“,  “I’m Afraid“, “Second Chance

She, She, She” (version 9b)
Singer: Megan McLaughlin

•   If you want to see the scene which inspired ” Second Chance”  click here for the clip

My Daughter Is Worth It: from “The Story of Mothers and Daughters”

• Individual mp3 files of songs in Act 1 excerpt above:

“Diamond”        (version 11)
Singer: Tatianna Cordoba

“I’m Afraid”        (version 12alt)
Singers: Pamela Rose, Lorri Holt, Lee Chisholm

“Second Chance”  (version 14_43d)
Singer:  Jennifer Boesing, lead; Lee Chisholm background


Second Chance

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