Mothers and Daughters: The Musical

MotherDaughterMusical is a song-cycle, a work-in-progress piece of musical theater, about one of the most powerful, important, and foundational relationships in our lives, the mother-daughter bond.  Based on the over 400 hours of interviews with women and girls (collected when making our primetime ABC documentary, “The Story of Mothers and Daughters) this Luna Productions project is a new frontier in our creative journey.

BELOW –  are 3 songs from Act 1, demo quality only, but an introduction to what we hope will grow and transform into a Broadway-quality musical.  In these you can hear how the musical will flow, meeting and learning from character after character.

If time is limited, the first song is the best one.   

FYI – these are not the opening songs.  The audience would already understand (thru Song 1) that they will meet many different women and girls, in many different mother daughter relationships, (approx  25 Mother-daughter songs in total, grouped in 5 acts: Birth, Growing up, Separation, Woman-to-woman, generation-to-generation – i.e. the human life cycle, cradle to grave.) In fact, the title of Song 1 is “Cradle to Grave.” In Song 2 – “Not Yet” a pregnant mother in labor prays to God, “Not yet, just a few more hours to be me, just me…” But her baby’s birth (with her mother by her side) allows her an epiphany, “this is how it is, how it’s gonna be …” and amid the joyous new-baby-girl song, we hear the new mom’s determination to pass on the good, as well as her desire to be different and not pass on the bad.   Song 3 “She, She, She” would break out into fun and funny (i hope!) when the pregnant mother in labor who wants a daughter realizes she should not be breathing as she had been taught, with a “he, he, he”  but instead, “She! She! She!”  All of which leaves the audience is ready for these 3 songs with a rather more substance of what it means to be a new mom.

Remember:  Demo song quality and absolutely still a work in progress on every level.

Act 1 excerpt  – 3 Songs

Other listening possibles:

•   The (hopefully) fun and funny song:

“She, She, She” (version 9b)
Singer: Megan McLaughlin

• Individual tracks of 3 songs:

“Diamond”        (version 11)
Singer: Tatianna Cordoba

“I’m Afraid”        (version 12alt)
Singers: Pamela Rose, Lorri Holt, Lee Chisholm


“Second Chance”  (version 14_43d)
Singer:  Jennifer Boesing, lead; Lee Chisholm background



•   If you want to see the scene in the documentary which inspired ” Second Chance”  click here for the clip

My Daughter Is Worth It: from “The Story of Mothers and Daughters”


Second Chance v43d

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