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Tuesday, April 23, 2019  6 pm

Jeff Roy’s home 1040 Jefferson, PT

Welcome.  The musical is a work-in-progress.  So is this page.  

Contact us directly if you have unanswered questions.



MDMx: MotherDaughterMusical is a work-in-progress adaptation of our documentary film “The Story of Mothers and Daughters” into a stage play,  or to be more specific, a sung-through documentary concept musical:

  • Sung-through no dialogue, 30 songs; like an opera but without the operatics.
  • Concept musical built around a central theme or concept:  brought to life through diverse characters & vignettes (eg Cats and Company); and not like the familiar story musical built around main characters and a clearly delineated plot.
  • Documentary – theater drawn from the real world, non-fiction, e.g. the plays of Anna Deavere Smith;  as opposed to the fictional plays – drawn from the playwrights imagination. Vagina Monologues, which is both documentary and a concept play, inspires us directly; the single closest work to what we are proposing – also pro-woman in nature, but ours has music and of course, a related but very different theme.  (“Vagina Dialogues” was suggested as a title.  We laughed, but …  No.)

30 Songs
will follow the mother-daughter journey from cradle to grave; from babies to grandmothers; including the full spectrum of emotions and relationships; from nearly perfect to horribly painful;  lyrics inspired by and using the 400+ interviews from women and girls originally collected by a team of 10 researchers for the documentary, a treasure trove of truth telling revealing the most important moments in the real life stories of the women and girls,  approx 6 songs/stories per stage in the human cycle of life:  birth, growing up, separations, women to woman, and generation to generation.

So much more music to come, these are first drafts of songs, demo quality,  a flavor of what the music might be like,  likely to be replaced by better music from a better composer.  But certainly they are sufficient to give you a vivid sense of where we’re going

Three songs from Act 1:
Diamond“,  “I’m Afraid“, “Second Chance

a funny song from Act 1:
She, She, She
(version 9b)
Singer: Megan McLaughlin



BELOW –  same songs, one mp3 at a time …

“Diamond”        (version 11)
Singer: Tatianna Cordoba

“I’m Afraid”        (version 12alt)
Singers: Pamela Rose, Lorri Holt, Lee Chisholm

“Second Chance”  (version 14_43d)
Singer:  Jennifer Boesing, lead; Lee Chisholm background


Second Chance

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