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MDMx: MotherDaughterMusical is a work-in-progress adaptation of our documentary film “The Story of Mothers and Daughters” into a stage play,  or to be more specific, a sung-through documentary concept musical:

  • Sung-through 30 songs, very little dialogue (like an opera but without the operatics.)
  • Concept musical about a central theme / concept:  brought to life through diverse characters & vignettes (eg Cats or Chorus Line or Company); and not like the more traditional musical built around story (eg with main characters and a clearly delineated plot that happens to them.)
  • Documentary – theater drawn from the real world, non-fiction, (e.g. the plays of Anna Deavere Smith);  as opposed to the fictional plays – drawn from the playwrights imagination.
  • Concept + documentary theater  – we are inspired by Vagina Monologues, which is both conceptual theater (using the stories of many diverse women to illustrate the central theme of the vagina), and documentary theater (taken directly from interviews, not imagination) and a very successful, intensely women-oriented work.  Even without music it is the single closest work to what we are proposing.  (Someone suggested to me “Vagina Dialogues” as a title.  Funny, but …  No.)

30 Songs
will follow the mother-daughter journey across the human cycle of life, from start to end, cradle to grave, babies to grandmothers; including the full spectrum of emotions from transcendently loving to disfiguringly painful;  lyrics inspired by the 400+ interviews from women and girls originally collected by a team of 10 researchers for the documentary, a treasure trove of truth telling revealing the most important moments in the real life stories of the women and girls,  approx 6 songs/stories per stage in the human cycle of life:  birth, growing up, separations, women to woman, and generation to generation.

Want to hear some of the music ???

Click here for live performance of one song

Click here to see a scene from the documentary and the song it inspired

Really?  Yet more music?  Even if demo quality?  Well… okay, click here

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