My Love Affair With the Brain: The Life and Science of Marian Diamond

Meet legendary professor Marian Diamond- the pioneering 84-year-old neuroscientist, grandmother, and YouTube sensation who wants to help you enrich your brain.

It is time to tell her inspiring story and to help translate her rich legacy of research into the practical fruits of a healthier, happier life for all of us - from 1 to 100.

We are planning a full-length documentary film and rich website about the life and work of Dr. Marian Diamond.  With an initial seed grant, we have begun filming with Dr. Diamond – so stay tuned for more details!

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My Love Affair with the Brain is a feature-length documentary intended for national and international television broadcast as well as educational and home video distribution. The film will also have a robust, multifaceted life on the web – with trailers, extended excerpts, “extra” video content, Dr. Diamond herself answering questions, and eventually the full film available on the official website and partner websites.

My Love Affair with the Brain is the latest project from the Emmy-winning filmmaking team of Catherine Ryan and Gary Weimberg, working together as Luna Productions.  The film is a fiscally-sponsored project of the Catticus Corporation, a filmmaking nonprofit that has supported award-winning science documentaries for television broadcast.


What if love helps you live longer?

Why does playing bridge make you healthier?

How could an anatomy lecture series attract
1.7 million hits on YouTube?


These questions come from the work of Dr. Marian Diamond, who has studied the structure of the human body – and especially the brain – over a lifetime in science as a teacher and a researcher.  At 83 years of age, Dr. Diamond is the living embodiment of her own theories about brain growth and longevity: teaching full-time, swimming five days a week, and looking forward to each new semester with the enthusiasm of a freshman.  Like a magician with a rabbit, Dr. Diamond delights in awakening the incoming freshman class by opening her flowered hatbox and pulling out a real human brain, intent on sparking curiosity about the three-pound organ that she considers “the most remarkable structure on Earth.”

We are documenting the story of one woman’s groundbreaking life in science and the landmark achievements (ongoing) she has logged over 50 years in research, in the academy, and in the public sphere.  Marian Diamond is the history of “Use-It-Or-Lose-It” brain research and the beginnings of neuroscience. Her path changed history for women in science and academia – and her lifetime of research is helping to change all our lives for the better.

But most importantly, hers is a story about understanding and improving human life. Dr. Diamond’s research into how the brain works – and what helps it grow – has untold applications in our lives.  From how we respond to illness to how long we live, from how we learn to what we teach our children, Dr. Diamond’s findings are helping us live longer, happier, and healthier lives. Always teaching by example, Marian Diamond’s story is a clarion call to understand, protect, and grow the miracle of anatomy we each carry around inside our own heads.

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  1. a former student says:

    can’t wait for this film to be completed. please let me knwo when it is!